Hello Guys!

I hope you all are staying healthy and happy, at least trying to be so in these difficult times!
I pray for everyone’s good health and contentment.
I have decided to write blogs to lighten my heart ,don’t know much about it but want to at the very latest start with something , I will try to improve as much as I can with time, please bare me till then🤪,basically I have tons of thoughts ,opinions and ideas to share but don’t have a proper technique to do that so I am just starting with the minimum .
I will be sharing my random thoughts and anything that crosses my mind ,its the same thing no! I am too lazy to press backspace for this ,(oops just tried to crack a joke ,i know i failed at it )but at least smile little bit no 😁.Trust me I am scared would be an understatement to describe how nervous I am to start blogging but I am thrilled as well ,as I have never done anything of this sort or for that matter anything creative ever in my life , hope this works.
MY main motive is to connect to you people through my writing that’s it ,I guess here I can pour my heart out as nobody can see me , they can just read my voice in form of my writing.
THANKYOU for your precious Time 🤩

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